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Songbird Dulcimers

Complete $289.95
Complete with case $349.95
Kit: $199.95

Meadowlark Hammered Dulcimer

By Chris Foss. The perfect student dulcimer is baltic birch, with walnut rails, and maple pin blocks. 13 string sets on treble bridge / 12 sets on bass bridge. Comes with hammers, tuning wrench, note charts and instructions.

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Wren 13/12
Same size and style as the meadowlark, but made of solid mahogany for a richer tone, turquoise sound hole inlays.
$445.00 with case

      Warbler 17/16/8
This Dulcimer has all the advantages of the Whipperwhill, plus another 8 note bridge increasing the range with extra sharps and flats making it a chromatic instrument. 
$850.00 with case
Made of the same woods as the meadowlark only larger with increased note range. The larger body also gives a larger sound.
549.95 with case

12 -11M: $579.95 with case

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 12 - 11M

Master Works offer you a truly great sounding instrument that has 12 treble and 11 bass courses and weighs only 10 pounds! Model 12-11 has a laminated Finland Birch top and back with Walnut or Cherry rails and Maple pinblocks. Bridges are available in Walnut or Cherry. The unique bracing system produces a rich full tone unmatched by any student instrument in the country. Model 12-11M has a solid Genuine Mahogany top that gives an even richer sound. Although a student instrument has a limited range (2 & 2/3 octaves) it is very portable and will hold it's tuning wonderfully. When it comes time to move on to a full-sized or Ultralight model you will have a very remarkable instrument! In case you haven't noticed, there are VERY FEW used instruments for sale out there. So, if you would like to test the waters of dulcimer playing, here is the instrument for you.

15-14 Black or Brown Pioneer packages $679.95
15-14 Cranberry (red) Sapelli  packages $749.95


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Model 15-14

Unlike a guitar, which will typically have the same number of notes regardless of cost, hammer dulcimers are available in different sizes and with a different range of notes. The 15-14 offers the same chromatic range as the Ultra light at a considerable savings! Many times a person who has purchased a student instrument will find themselves cramped or lacking range within a short period of time. Having 15 treble courses and 14 bass courses with 2 strings per course, this instrument provides 3 octaves of which over 1-1/2 octaves are fully chromatic. Even serious hammer dulcimer players will find that the 15-14 will provide years of enjoyment.

The tone of the 15-14 almost rivals that of the Ultra light! It's overall design (bracing, dimensions, soundboard tapering and material, bridges, etc.) is almost a duplicate of the Ultra light. It produces a rich, full mellow tone unavailable in any instrument in the entire United States at this price. Weighing in at 12 pounds, the 15-14 is the most portable instrument in the country for it's range. Available with Cherry or Walnut endrails, natural or stained top, Rosewood or Maple bridges, it's clean appearance, rich wood tones, and fine finish produce a beautiful package anyone would be proud to own.

16 - 15: $1199.00  with case

16-15C: $1458.00 with case

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Models 16-15 & 16-15C

The MASTER WORKS Ultralight Hammer Dulcimer is a professional quality musical instrument with a voice that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. It has 16 treble courses and 15 bass courses of 2 strings per course providing 1-1/2 chromatic octaves in the center of the instrument and over 3 octaves top to bottom yet it weighs a very portable 14 pounds (varies slightly with different types of wood used in the endrails). Each and every part of the Ultralight design has been between sound, strength, and durability. All unnecessary bulk is eliminated from the bracing, pin blocks, and endrails. Each quartersawn Genuine Mahogany soundboard is tapered to produce a much more active plate without sacrificing structural integrity. Proper string lengths and graduated string gauges produce an even tone throughout, and a firm, solid feel when striking the strings. Delrin bridge caps and 45 degree angle on top of the Hard Maple pinblocks not only help make tuning a snap, but also allow more accurate location of the strings to produce a perfect fifth interval of each treble course. This ultimately means that the instrument will hold it's tuning longer and more accurately, and, if necessary, can be easily readjusted.

Dusty Strings

Apprentice and Prelude

The perfect set-up for a beginning hammered dulcimer player is available in a choice of finishes: the striking black of the Apprentice, or the clear, glowing lacquer of the Prelude. Both are exceptionally sturdy, stable instruments that are a pleasure to hear and play.

These 2 1/2 octave models offer a sweet, mellow tone that is well-balanced throughout the entire range of notes. Their 12-treble and 11-bass course string arrangement corresponds to all the well-known instruction book and tape methods. When coupled with the plush-lined carrying case and playing legs, the Apprentice or Prelude is everything the beginner needs in one attractively priced package.


Prelude Package Special Order Only
Apprentice Package $519.95

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D-10 Package $695.00

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Our most popular model, the D-10 has become a standard by which other hammered dulcimers are judged - and for good reason. It's clean lines, solid hardwood construction, well-developed design and careful craftsmanship come together to produce an exceptionally stable instrument with a truly sweet sound. And it's tone is rich and well-balanced over the entire 2 1/2 - octave range (12 treble and 11 bass courses). Certainly the D-10 represents the finest value in hammered dulcimers today.


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